Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun at Lake Tobias!

Laney turned 3 the other day and so we decide for her birthday we would make it special for her. We sent Ark Man to the grandparents and off we went to our adventure! First stop was breakfast which was yummy and then off to Lake Tobias. Laney loves animals so that's where we decided to take her.

The cost to enter is $4 for ages 3 and up. That price give you access to everything but the Safari Tour. The safari tour is when you ride around in the half bus (the top is cut off) and the bigger and safer animals come up to the bus and you can feed them.

Even if we didn't go on the safari tour it would have been a blast! Laney had so much fun looking at the animals BUT her favorite was the petting zoo. We saved this for last because we wanted to get her used to being around the other animals first to see how she did. She went in and started trying to pet every goat she could find. The animals that stole her heart was the miniature pony. She stood by him for 20 minutes and cried when we had to leave him.

She loved it and we will be returning again soon to see "her" pony! can pack your lunch because they have picnic tables and pavilions there for your convenience.

Here are some pictures we took during the day.

This is Jr. and the there was a lioness named Nala

"Laney's pony"

And yes the camel came over to kiss me!

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