Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lands End Swimsuits

Summer. Swimsuit.

Summer is here. Do you have your swimsuit?

If may want to check out Lands End and the sale that they've extended through today. They are offering 30-50% off all of their swimwear with FREE shipping.

While you're online, if you think ahead like me, you might want to look at their overstocks section.

One deal that I think is absolutely amazing is the value of their backpacks, bags and lunchboxes. I took advantage of this over a month ago when the color selection was greater but the green is great for boys and the light blue would be pretty for girls. I like the ClassMate Junior for children in elementary school - it's just the right size and Jeter's has already lasted him three years and is good for at least another two. Talk about value. If you go with the light blue backpack, you might want to check out the ClassMate Lunch Box to match. I was tired of buying new lunch boxes every year. This has been a wonderful solution that both I and my boys love. Because of the deal (and the fact that my one purchase lasts at least 5 years!) I paid the extra to have it monogrammed for them. Other colors (the newer ones) are available for the lunch box as well.

Happy shopping!

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Susan said...

I've been lusting overwimsuit for a few weeks. Just got a beautiful one from Lands End.