Sunday, January 04, 2009

I AM the Biggest Loser.

I've tried to ignore it. I've looked away, although I prefer to not look at all. I've joked about it, disguised it and and my kids like to pinch it. But I'm afraid the time has come for me to face the fact: I'm packing a few extra pounds.

(And for matters of discussion, let's quantify "a few extra pounds" as 20.)

Since confession is the first step to, um, slender thighs, then let me continue.

Before child number 3, I was the gal who everyone loved to hate. I've always had a genetic metabolism that was lightening fast and have never, ever, ever had to worry about a single food that passed my lips. Ever.

No, gaining weight has been my cross to bear in life. I've always been slightly under weight and have had to endure countless attempts at eating my weight in food just to gain a single pound. I've never uttered the word diet in my life.

But all good things must come to an end, right?

With baby #1, I gained 50 pounds. I lost the weight in 6 weeks doing nothing. No joke.

Baby #2 only brought about 35 pounds of extra weight. It was gone in 10 weeks, again, with my secret system of doing NOTHING. In fact, I weighed less than before I had kids. No joke.

Sweet baby #3 helped me pack on about 55 pounds. I lost 35 right away and have since gained back 10 more to bring me a my current weight of 155. (The funny thing is that I gained the 10 using the same method that I lost the 35: Nothing. But that will be an analysis for another post.)

Now, I'm a pretty tall and 155 is still within my healthy range according to the charts. But I've got a serious jelly belly, I'm starting to notice a second chin and my skin looks like I'm 13 years old. I really want to lose a solid 20 pounds which would put me back at the beginning of my healthy weight range, hopefully tighten the belly and eliminate a chin. The skin? Well, I'm thinking that healthier living will help that cause.

So why am I pouring my soul out to you? Well, because you'd think that after watching several seasons of The Biggest Loser, reading fitness magazines and looking through the cookbooks Oprah uses I would've been back to my svelte self. But it's become obvious I'm actually going to have to abandon my old standby plan of doing NOTHING in exchange for doing SOMETHING.

Imaginary time lines and threats to not get in the pool have done nothing to motivate change. Even threats by Say Anything to drag me to a Zumba class if I didn't get on the diet wagon has done nothing to spark action.

So I'm upping the ante. Every Monday morning until I hit my magic number of 135, I'm going to post a picture of me standing on my scale showing you what I weigh for the week. In addition to a heaping spoonful of humiliation, I'm also going to offer tips and recipes and whatever else I can think of to distract you from the reality of the numbers.

Sound like fun? Great! Because I want you to join me.

On each Monday's post I'll also be providing a Mr. Linky so you can be part of this fun experiment. If you're really bold (i.e. crazy), you can also post a picture of your scale. But if you'd rather eat the head off a live fish than do that, then please still participate by providing your own tips and recipes. You're welcome to write as much or little about your own personal weight goals and journey. Just don't leave me standing out here by myself with nothing but my towel and my scale. Please. I beg you.

So let's recap. I'm feeling fat. I want to lose 20 pounds. I'll post a picture of me on my scale. You will reciprocate with some link love. We all lose weight.

As the kids say...easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Each week, I'll also give you a question or topic to discuss so we are all moving in the same direction.

Since today is already Monday, I'll post my scale picture on Tuesday for this week only. That will give you plenty of time to find the courage (or insanity) to humor me with your participation.

Your question for this week: What are three things I could change right now in an effort to live healthier? (For example, drinking more water.)


the back door said...

check out is an incredible online tool for losing weight. it has you track your food and provides an instant calorie/fat/carb/protein count and how many of each you need in a day. it is deserving of a whole blog post and since i'm outside of your pa circle(i'm the lurker from indiana!) i'll save it all...

but i've already shed a few pounds by simply using this site!!

best of luck...and count me in on the journey!

Melissa said...

I'm in...I have no scale but I'll post picturs of my weight/BMI off of my Wii Fit. maybe.

You're "overweight" amount is actually my goal weight. but. I'm. bigger. boned. than. you. That's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Natalie said...

Chris: Thanks for the link. I'll definitely check it out. And please don't let state lines keep you from joining the fun! You are more than welcome to particiate...although you just trained for a 5K so I'm not sure how many extra pounds you've got. But even just linking up and providing any ideas, tips, etc would be great.

Melissa: You ARE big boned. So yes your goal will be different. The actual numbers don't matter, just the whole-hearted attempt at meeting out individual goals.

You don't even have to give a goal weight. Just say you want to lose XX number of pounds.

Tiffany said...

Here is Tiffany's take on some changes for healthier living: :)

#1 Definitely drink more water. Grab both lemon and lime concentrate bottles at the grocery store and make water your only refreshment. Eliminate all other options (except for milk) from the house.

#2 No processed foods or fake sugar. Even brown sugar or raw sugar in your coffee is a great switch. No sugar-free gum or diet sodas!!

#3 Don't skip meals...especially breakfast. Graze throughout the day.

#4 Don't try diets or eliminating something you love (like coffee) from your lifestyle. Unless it's something like heavy smoking or binge drinking. You'll just be miserable and want to throw in the towel.

#5 Realize that your skin is mainly genetics and thank your Mom or Dad. I think your gorgeous Nat. Embow says Cetaphil or Dove is the best for the face from her days at the dermatologist.

Love you!!!

Livin' Life said...

I'm in! I need to lose about 10-15 pounds and just feel better and not worn out and run down. I want to keep up with boys not huffing and puffing.

So I too will post from the Wii fit since we don't own a scale.

Healthy Changes for me:

Drink less coffee(because it's mainly milk, creamers, sugar)
Drink more water.
Less sweets and more fruits and veggies.
Definitely more exercise.

TCC said...

Count me in.

I don't think I will post pictures BUT I will document how much I have lost. Simms and I are re-establishing some healthy habits in our home again...which includes healthy meals/snacks, drinking water (keeping the option of daily coffee though!) and daily exercise. Yes, I said daily exercise - minus Sundays.

By implementing these life changes (and the fact that Simms is joining me too) I'm believing for permanent change - for ALL of us. We really do need each other.

the back door said...

i forgot to include my 3 tips....this is what i've done recently...

1. drink water all day long...i too like to add a spritz of lime but i buy whole limes and stick a slice in.

2. fill your plate with mostly veggies...

3. park as far away as possible and walk to any place i can! asked how much extra i needed...i started just before thanksgiving on sparkpeople with a goal of 10 pounds lost...i'm down 5 with 5 more to go!!!