Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simple Solutions

If you are a busy mom like me - scratch that because if you are a mom you are probably busy. So, as a mom, if you hear the phrase "simple solutions" a guffaw might slip from your mouth. If only! Granted, not all solutions are simple but there is a product out there right now that has definitely simplified some problem solving for me.

I love to be organized. That doesn't mean I'm organized in every aspect of my life it just means that I would like to be and do so when I am able. Face it, I don't think you could find someone that would honestly say they dislike organization. It's just that sometimes the process to get organized seems daunting.

Enter Simple Solutions. This is a product that I found a year ago at Linens 'n Things. I'm sure it existed for much longer than that but it only entered my world last year. It may actually be an LNT only brand for all I know (I can't find it online separate from LNT). They make tons of products that you can use in just about every room of your house. I'm simply going to highlight a few items that I have been able to use to quickly re-organize a drawer or space.

Large Cabinet Drawer paired with a Medium Cabinet Drawer. I've used these together under the sinks in my bathrooms. They don't work for super tall items (like hairspray). Mine is filled with nail polish and supplies, hair accessories, makeup supplies as well as my supplies for eye care (contacts, eyeglass cleaner, etc.). Another one organizes bandages/wound care, extra toothbrushes/floss, and cough drops/cold remedies (in the medium one) with rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Q-tips, extra razors, deodorant and extra supplies (in the large one). I paired them up because they are made to be stackable and they fill the space so that you are using the entire height available in your vanity. One of my favorite features - the drawers pull out!

I've recently (yesterday!) used the Large Cabinet Drawer without the given divider for our DVD's. I got tired of seeing them out in the open and needed to find a way for the boys to keep them organized inside a cabinet. The DVD's fit perfectly and I can fit 24 normal sized DVD's in each drawer!!!

Extra Large Cabinet Drawer - I have one of these and it is under the sink in my kitchen. The one side is filled with hand towels and my crocheted dishcloths. The other 3-sectioned portion holds various kitchen supplies (extra soap, my stainless steel bar to take away the onion smell from my hands (that really works!), rubber gloves, etc.)

Toilet Paper Holder - This fits under your sink as well. It holds 8 rolls of toilet paper in a small amount of space - because it utilizes the full height of your vanity, it only takes up about 6 inches in width.

Large Drawer Organizer and Wide Drawer Organizer. I discovered these yesterday and had great fun using them! I used these in my kitchen for the drawers that hold my utensils. For example, I have a drawer next to the stove that has all of our spatulas (plastic and metal) as well as large spoons, can openers, skewers, and other stuff. I thought it was pretty organized because only specific items would go in there but I have to admit sometimes I would go crazy searching for something - and that annoyed me because how could it possibly get lost in such a small space?!? Two of the Large Drawer Organizers fit in my drawer (lengthwise). One is dedicated to spatulas (we have a lot of those - various sizes and widths). The other is for serving spoons, ladles, etc.) There is also room at the front of the drawer where my can openers fit perfectly! I love it.

I used two of the Wide Drawer Organizers to organize my Tupperware - you know those great gadgets that you definitely use just not all the time and the moment you need it, you can't find it?!? Well, now my drawers look neat and are easy to navigate.

I know - no before/after pictures. Sorry about that. It also stinks that I can't find images online. BUT, listen up, if you live locally and are willing to overlook my yet-to-be organized aspects of life, you are welcome to drop by and check it out for yourself. Because unfortunately since LNT is going out of business, every purchase is final - so you don't want to buy something and then not be able to use it. And these products (the ones I've mentioned) range from $5.99 - $29.99 before the discount, depending on size. I've purchased most of mine gradually throughout the last year, always using a 20% off coupon. They are currently 20% off and I will vouch for the fact that the construction has tested very well for me. It isn't a product that is going to fall apart - which is a huge factor for me.

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