Thursday, November 20, 2008

How To Thread A Sewing Machine

This is where the magic happens. Okay, so it's not really where the magic happens, but this is where I sew. Jason found this machine outside of a basement storage area in an apartment we rented when we were first married, 5 years ago. She was old and heavy and I had no clue how to use her. The last time I had used a sewing machine was in '94 when I made a handy dandy locker organizer in Home Economics. Good times...

So, I realized after a comment on this post that getting the thread on the sewing machine is where we should start. A lot of people have sewing machines that belonged to a mom or grandma, or could at least borrow one from a mom or a grandma or someone who has one they haven't thought about using in years. This green beauty did not come with a manual...just dust. So I searched high and low and found an awesome website for instructions to just about any sewing machine model.

If you're interested in trying out sewing, borrow a machine or dust off your own and check out for instructions on how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin and bring up the bottom thread.

I thinking about doing a pictorial on how to thread a machine and whip up some pillows for the couch. Don't spend your clams at Pier 1, Kirkland's or Target...I can show you how to spruce up the sofa for just a few bucks.


Natalie said...

If I feed you lunch, watch your kids and lavish you with affirmation will you come set up shop in my home and make me some curtains?

Tiffany said...

Natalie--I most certainly will. I'd love to.