Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

With the souring economy, many moms are having to tighten the purse strings even more than normal. There have been quite a few bloggers giving tips for saving money, budgeting, and thrifty shopping, but I thought this post by Chis at The Back Door was pretty impressive.

Chris set out to reduce her grocery bill for a family of four. She was spending on average $110 a week. After three weeks of shopping the sales and using what she already had in her freezer and pantry she was able to reduce her bill by HALF. Click over and read the details for yourself.

How much do you spend a week on groceries and how low do you think you could go?


Livin' Life said...

I just need to restrict the amount of food eaten at our house. With three boys (Two pre-teens) they eat everything. I mean it. It dosen't matter how much money I save I just never have enough food. They are always hungry. I did like the post you linked too. Pretty impressive.

Promises Fulfilled said...

Our budget for food (and any cleaners and toilettries - which CVS really takes care of!) is $120 every 2 weeks - so, that breaks down to $60 per week. My boys are very young, so I don't know how that will change in the future, but for now, it works, and I am hoping that I will not have to go much higher than than in the future!

I shop the sales and "match" them up with the recipes that I will make the next week or two. I do stock up on things when it is on a good sale - like pasta sauce, tuna, etc. That seems to help too!