Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Candy Bar Election

Our third grader participated in a little election of her own on Tuesday. Her entire grade did a Candy Bar Election. It started a few weeks ago with sampling, campaigning and speeches for each of the "candy-dites". They narrowed down their selections in their primaries and the big day came on Tuesday to select the winner. First, they had to register their names and what party affiliation they were (Crunchy or Creamy).

After they voted, they got to pick a piece of candy. Then, they wrote letters to State Representative Ron Marsico. They also did a writing activity detailing what they would do if they were president.

The results are still being tallied and data evaluated....they do that in their math portion of class. But, it was looking like Reese's and Hershey Bars were neck and neck....too close to call, yet.


Livin' Life said...

That's just too darn creative and fun!!! I really like that idea.

Natalie said...

I demand a recount for the Kit Kat.

TCC said...

Barber's preschool had an election where the candidates were Clifford, Snoopy and Scooby-Doo. Clifford won.

Jeter's 2nd grade voted between Obama and McCain. Obama won there as well.