Saturday, August 30, 2008

Natalie Almost Saves a Dollar

Last Sunday, our family headed to Williamsburg, VA for one last romp with summer. It was suppose to be a short and cheap excursion that came about because we received a call from a resort that offered us 2 nights and 3 days if we would take their 90-minute tour. I Hate those tours, but Jim talked me into it so he could get to the beach. They also offered that we could stay extra nights for $100 per night so we turned it into a 4 night, 5 day trip.

Planning to eat at least 2 meals in the condo each day and just wanting to ride bikes and swim, we figured we could easily make this a cheap week.

On day three of the trip we take the 90-minute tour. At the end, we receive $100 in gift cards to Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Immediately, my mind begins thinking about how I won't have to cook our last two dinners; we'll get to eat out and save the money from the groceries I bought.

So we go back to the condo and I immediately load up about $20 of chicken, hamburger and other accompaniments for Jim to return to the grocery store. He heads out to the store with Junior and I take the girls to the pool. I felt like I had outsmarted the entire economy to save my $20.

Long story short...on the way back from the store Jim is in a car accident. No one was injured but our van is not drivable. We find a place that says they will try to make it drivable by Friday, but they can't promise anything.

Suddenly, I was wishing I had my chicken and hamburger back.

Now we've got to rent a car ($150), book another night in Williamsburg ($100) b/c we were suppose to leave on Thursday, pay for repairs ($650 and that doesn't include all the body work that still needs to be done), buy an additional $20 in groceries to carry us through an extra 2 days of meals, and spend $50 at Jamestown to have something to do on the extra day we're there.

So I tip my hat to the coupon queens (Enjoying the Journey), the CVS experts (Thrills and Promises), those who can turn trash into treasure (Rockin' Ruda), moms who smell a bargain a mile away (Gang's All Here) and to the women who can get the darndest things for free (Say Anything). I salute you all and want you to know I try really, really hard to walk in your footsteps but I'm ready to accept my lot in life: I'm destined to be the woman who pays full price (and more) for just about everything.

I know some of you may think I'm stretching this story and the burden I carry, so that's why I started this new feature "Natalie Almost Saves a Dollar." I want to document the many, many ways that I fall short in my neverending quest to be one of ya' all.

So who are you? Coupon queen? CVS expert? Treasure finder? Bargain getter? Free finder? Full price payer?


Thrills said...

I've been waiting for this story. I was wondering how saving $20 could turn into spending $1000.

I don't think I'm convinced though. I think this was just a freak accident. I seriously can't imagine how something like this would happen more than once...spending more than you should.

Classic MaMa said...

Is it bad to say that I look forward to more of your stories on this subject?!:)

The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm so sorry. About all of it. And about the fact that I laughed out loud several times during the reading of this story. I was reading it with your voice in my head and your dry tone of irony had me giggling my way through your drama. So, I'm sorry. teee heeeee and I'm still giggling.

the back door said...

why does this sound so much like my life??????

i can't find a bargain to save my life. i can't save any money to save my life!! and without any income right now it sure would be nice to figure this all out!!!


Melissa said...

oh my word.

I try not to laugh and instead offer you hope...I have stories like this, but I also have my share of "deals' that pop out of nowhere.....I figure at the end of my life it will all shake out. So, don't lose hope...your efforts may one day save you money rather then suck the cash right out of your wallet!

Btw,if none of this had happened you wouldn't have seen Jamestown and who knows what that ignited in one of your kids who,one day while accepting the presidential nomination, will declare that the day you all visited Jamestown was a turning point in his/her life as he/she decided to go after a career in politics in our good ole USA. See? It will all make sense one day!

Promises Fulfilled said...

As I was reading this, I was definitely responding two ways - oh my goodness and you definitely can write to make one laugh - sorry about that!

As you know, I am definitely into CVS and coupons (I use the coupons at CVS and Giant) - I also like to use coupons to eat out too...when we do that. I have gotten a few things free in my time, but not as huge as Say Anything!

I do have to say that I could picture this happening to myself - trying to save $20 and it turns into spending into $1000! Then I think that I would "kick myself" b/c of trying to be so frugal.

Don't dispair! Keep trying! :) I do look forward to hearing how you do save a buck at some point too!