Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Observations from the Midwest

I've been away on vacation this past week visiting family in the heartland.

1. Give kids a Gator, motorized scooter, bikes and a little traveled lane and you probably won't hear from them for about 3 days.

2. We have seen the most beautiful crops of corn, beans and soy beans.

3. Try and take the Gator away from Junior and he will knock you out of the Gator and run you over.

4. I bought 25 pounds of blue, purple, red and rainbow popcorn from the country store on the crooked road.

5. It's hard to get a GPS to understand "country store on the crooked road."

6. Jim wore an OSU hat and tee shirt on a day we were 1/2 mile from Purdue Univ. And he wonders why I wouldn't walk beside him.

7. I've seen more movies this month than I've seen in the last three years: The Bee Movie, Kit Kittredge, Get Smart, My Dog Named Skip, Little Women.

8. It doesn't get dark here until 9:30-9:45PM. They really need to be on Central time.

9. I had a breaded tenderloin sandwich and breaded mushrooms at the landmark Frozen Custard stand yesterday. I forgot how good they could taste.

10. I shopped in a Super Target without kids.

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