Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Was Hot, Hot, Hot

*Our school had their annual Golf Tournament yesterday that I help organize and let me just say it was H-O-T. H-O-T. H-O-T. Everyone survived and there were no heart attacks or heat strokes, but I have not been that hot ever. At the end of the dinner, a few of us stood in a huge cooler of ice water to try and feel some relief.

*At one point I felt like it had cooled off a little. Apparently, it went from 99 degrees to 96 degrees. Wow, any lower and we would've had to break out the parkas.

*I thought that since I sweated for 8 hours straight that maybe I lost 5 or 6 pounds.


*Despite the crazy heat, we had a great day and raised a lot of money.

*Special thanks to Jeff for his sponsorship.

*And, a special shout out to Teresa who kicked butt organizing the silent auction, awards and prizes. She is a machine.

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