Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Many Books Have You Read?

I was blog surfing and found a list of the 1001 best books. The list was "handpicked by a team of international critics and literary luminaries.

A New York Times writer had read over 300 of the 1001 books. Another blogger had read 59 books.

Me? Seven.

Surely there are several of you out there that can top 7. Six in the Mix? Marnie? Jeff? Gang's All Here? Anyone?

Tell me...how many of the 1001 books have you read?


Six in the Mix said...

25 for me.

The Invisible Man was on there twice.

the back door said...

38...some were a real torture others a great treat!! i was an english major for 3 years so a lot of those were assingments.

i may have to start working my way through the list. some were books i had forgotten all about.

Classic MaMa said...

Yeah. My eyes were a bit cross-eyed reading down the list. I think I counted about 15, but if we were counting movies that were adapted from these books, well then, that's like 50. :)

WherestheBox said...

Interesting list. I found it strange that some authors had several books on there, and that so many were from the same period of time - looks like whoever compiled it has an affinity for the late 19th-mid 20th century. I counted 61 that I have read, although there were several more that I had read chunks from in college without reading the entire book.

2 Boys' Mom said...

I looked half way down the list and saw 29 that I have read. Most were read as school assignments and not for pleasure.

TCC said...

I counted 23 but 19 of those were school assigned. Not that I didn't enjoy many of them - I just didn't independently select them.

I was also surprised how many books I have read (assigned and personally selected) that were NOT included on the list.

Richelle said...

I think I counted 16. Thanks to AP English in High School. Only a couple of them I have read on my own. There are a few on there I would like to read, though!

Hands-Free Heart said...


19 of them were high school assignments (one I read in French).

2 were college assignments (again, one was read in French).

6 others I have watched as movies.

1 is on our bookshelf, but I haven't read it.

That leaves me 970 books to read. I'd better get started!

Vivienne's World said...

I counted 83 but I'm at work and looked really fast. I know I read at least two of these in French and I think I read a few more in my French lit classes but I can't remember off hand. This is a great reference to make suggestions for book club. Thanks!
Jeff? I saw at least 3 that I know you've read :)

Anonymous said...

I counted 12 up to #400 and then got tired reading and couldn't finish the list...just like several of the books on the list.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I can't get thru the list without seeing double. Most days, I read my blogs early, without coffee. Other days, it's pretty late so I kept losing count and losing my place on the line. I laughed out loud at Jeff's comment - I think I started a lot more than I actually "read" on the list, too!!!!!