Thursday, May 08, 2008

Are You Smarter Than My Second Grader?

I didn't want to keep Classic Mama up another night trying to figure out the answers to my mummy quiz from this post, so here are the answers courtesy of Sparkle.

1. Who was the Prince of the Dead? OSIRIS

2. A dead person's soul that traveled to and from the body. BA

3. The body part that was put back into the body to be weighed in the afterlife. THE HEART

4. The length of time it took to mummify a body. 70 DAYS

5. A part of the body that was removed and thrown out. BRAIN

6. The four body parts that were put into canopic jars. STOMACH, LIVER, LUNGS, INTESTINES

7. Chemical used to embalm the body. NATRON

8. Magical charms tucked in the mummy wrappings. AMULETS

Bonus Question: Precious metal used to cover fingernails and toenails. GOLD


Thrills said...

I don't think I ever learned that stuff!

Classic MaMa said...

Phew! I'm taking a nap. Your kids are too smart for me. :)