Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekly Chores

Tackling house cleaning tasks regularly keeps grime from piling up and prevents chores from becoming huge, so it ultimately saves both time and hard labor. Here is a list of household chores that should be done weekly according to Real Simple magazine's article, The Elements of Clean:

  • *Dust all hard furniture surfaces
  • *Vacuum or mop floors
  • *Scrub and disinfect kitchen sink
  • *Wide down appliance surfaces
  • *Clean and scrub down shower
  • *Wide down and disinfect counters
  • *Clean and scrub down bathtub
  • *Scrub and disinfect toilet
  • *Change and launder sheets

I'm pretty good at doing all those tasks weekly, except one. I do not change our sheets weekly. In fact, I sometimes don't even do it monthly.

How often do you change and launder your sheets?


Krazy Klingers said...

If it were up to me, once every 3 months or so but Mr. Clean changes them once every week or two. He loves getting into bed when there are new clean sheets! He is so easy to please I tell you.

Say Anything said...

Not nearly often enough. I'm going to go strip them off the bed now. Thanks alot Nat! (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?)

the back door said...

well...this has always been a real struggle for me! let's just say it is pretty much seasonal. when it gets cold i break out the flannels...when it gets warm i break out the cotton. gross - i know...but well. i don't think of it!

Beautiful Grace said...

Bedsheets have to be washed on a weekly basis for me. I'm have sensitive skin and towards the end of the week, I feel as though creepy crawlers are munching me.

One of my favorite things as listed on the side panel of my blog...freshly shaven legs in freshly washed bedsheets. :)

However, I don't do all of those other weekly chores weekly. :(

As far as your monthly list...let's not talk about that. ;)

Have a great day!!!

On Fire For Jesus said...

Okay, I wasn't going to comment, b/c I thought people would think I was gross or something. But, now that I'm reading everyone elses I feel better.

Every two weeks or so, if I remember.

But my main problem is more the kids sheets then mine. I tend to wait wayyy too long on theres.

Yeah, that is one area I am not great at.

To make up for it, you should see the "system" I have for chores and cleaning in this house! I took your bloggy advice once and use Chart Jungle!

Melissa said...

It varies. When I start to feel icky, after I've been sick, when #3 throws up in my bed, etc.....

I'm also agreeing with On Fire....I HATE changing my kid's sheets...they all have beds that make if extremely difficult and I could scream putting the clean sheets back on. Plus they usually sleep together and rotate beds so I can use that as an excuse to wash them less often!