Monday, April 21, 2008

Five Things Every Smart House Needs

1. A world map, posted on the wall for easy access. Name a country and see who can find it first. Study the map and design a quick geography quiz. What's the skinniest country in South America?

2. A good dictionary. Need the meaning of mentation or the spelling of moonquake? Look it up.

3. A jigsaw puzzle table. Puzzles, says educational neuroscience consultant Marilee Sprenger, build visualization skills, as well as memory and pattern recognition.

4. A brain-boosting library. Stock it with books of crossword puzzles, mazes, brainteasers, and Sudoku.

5. A domino set. Play the classic version to reinforce number skills, then create knock-'em-down courses to enhance creative thinking.

via FamilyFun, November 2006

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