Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Must have been some bad pizza

So I'm watching Idol Gives Back tonight and dozed off because, frankly, I was highly disappointed in the extravaganza. Anyway, I dozed off and had the most bizarre dream EVER. I dreamed that they closed out the show with all the Idols dressed in white and singing SHOUT TO THE LORD. The whole song. No words changed. With a full choir behind them. SHOUT TO THE LORD.

Then I woke up and saw that the 10:00 news was on and chuckled to myself about how crazy of a dream that was to have. I mean, hell would have to freeze over for that to happen. Wouldn't it?

By the way, I hear a cold front is moving in tonight.


TCC said...

My mouth dropped open and I kept saying "Do they know what they are singing? Do they know what these words mean?!?"

Totally unbelievable.

the back door said...

we were in complete shock as well...and of all the christian songs that seemed like an odd choice for the night. they did make one change though...they never said My Jesus. it was replaced with my shepherd. interesing twist to the night!!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I was freaking out - yelling to The Boss that "the name of the Lord and His praise was being proclaimed to like a gugillion homes all across the world." He wasn't amused, even though I was cracking myself up. He was mostly asleep and mildly annoyed that I had the nerve to wake him over a song.

But seriously, that song? Does anyone know why yet? What was the set up to the whole finale? I was watching Criminal Minds and kept flipping back so I missed the intro.