Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol: Inspirational Songs

Idol that looked like she'd come through the TV and hit you if you didn't pick up the phone and give a buck to Idol Gives Back: Carly. That said, I actually liked her performance.

Idol who broke American Idol commandments #3 and #8: Syesha. Thou shalt not perform a song that a previous Idol has recorded and Thou shalt not backtalk the judges. It angers the people at home with the telephones.

Idol who looked like he belonged in a smoking lounge: Michael Johns. And since when is Aerosmith considered inspirational music?

The first performance that I've ever liked from this Idol: Jason Castro

Idol I still don't get: David Archuleta

Idol that reminded me of Mork from Ork: Sorry, David Cook, I hated the song and if your outfit had been red you would've been a ringer for Robin Williams.

I loved these two Idols' hair tonight: Kristy Lee Cook and Carly Smithson

Idol who looked the most confused and dazed: Brooke White

Idol who will get the boot this week: Actually, I don't think anyone is getting the boot this week, but if there was a boot, I'd give it to Syesha or Kristy Lee.

*Do you think they'd let me designate a portion of my Idol Gives Back donation to buy some long-sleeved shirts for Carly?

What's your favorite inspirational song? Doesn't have to be from the show, in fact, PLEASE don't let them be from the show.


julie said...

I loved Jason Castro tonight. I don't really get David A. either.

I had the same thoughts about Carly and the long sleeve shirt. I loved the white jacket they had her in for the last song on Idol Gives back.

Great review!

The Gang's All Here! said...

As much as it pains me to admit this, David Cook looked a little creepy Tuesday night. A little p*dophilish creepy. Slicked back greasy hair and all. I'm in pain, still. True pain.

My fave inspirational song? Tracy by the Cuff Links, circa 1968, one hit wonders. Cute song. Cute me. :)

Christy said...

Without spending lots of time thinking about it, I would say that "Beautiful Day" by U2 is it. Yes, sleeves for Carly...I must say that I wasn't too inspired by anyone this week...But, I do like this year's group and am looking forward to next week.

Christy said...

p.s. I think that this was a tough week for the contestants in that they probably didn't have a lot of time to work on their individual performances.