Monday, March 24, 2008

What's the Protocol?

Does anyone know what the protocol is when it comes to handicap bathrooms, tables, etc?

For example, if you go to the bathroom and the only stall open is the handicap one, is it okay to use it? Do you wait until a regular stall is open?

Sometimes, even if all the stalls are open, I use the handicap stall because it is bigger and it will fit my entire entourage. Is that okay?

Today at McDonald's, the only table available was a handicap accessible one. So we sat there. But I felt like several people were giving us the evil fish eye for doing so. Or maybe it was because Junior was dancing a jig (sans underwear). Was that wrong? The table, not the dancing.


Hands-Free Heart said...

I don't know what any official protocol might be, but I use the handicap stall a lot, for similar reasons. I never have thought it a problem, other than if there is a line and someone is in line who obviously needs that stall, they should be given preference to make sure that they get it.

On city busses, they have certain seats in the front that have a sign that says something to the effect of making sure that you know that you can sit there, but please give up the seat to make room if an elderly or handicapped person boards the bus. I would think the same could apply to the dining table.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Any mom who has to bring an entourage into the stall with her SHOULD qualify for handicap stall status, if only for that moment of that day. Now that mine are older and can do the whole deal alone, I give up my place in line to mommies with little ones - I well remember the pain of waiting and scrunching all of us into one tiny stall.

As for the table, if that's what's available and there are no disabled customers needing the space, I think it's acceptable. And I have absolutely nothing to say about the dancing without undies. Been there too many times to count!