Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol Recap

UPDATAED with a few more thoughts from my noodle!

I'm back again with my non-musical assessment of tonight's American Idol. First, I do have to say that I loved tonight if only because of all the great 80s music. You know, because the 80s rock!

Idol who is young enough that I could be his mother: David Archuleta

Idol I must call out for the second week in a row: I've just got one word for Carly...SLEEVES.

Idol who is most likely to have Al Gore over for lunch: Jason Castro or Brooke White. They both seem a little crunchy to me.

Idol I most want to take their cheeks and squeeze: Chikezie

Idol with the oddest fashion choice: Ramiele. Were those high waisted shorts she was wearing?

Idol who definitely reads this blog: Brooke. Thanks sweetie for taking my advice and visiting Super Cuts last week. They did a fabulous job.

Idol with the strangest song choice: You think I'm going to say David Archuleta, and he would be a close second, but actually I thought Michael Johns choosing "We are the Champions" was bizarre. I bet my husband that Simon would hate it. I was wrong but, really, isn't that the song you play after your high school volleyball team just won the regional finals? At least it was in my high school.

Idol that made me rewind the DVR at least 3 times (and counting) to watch their performance: David Cook. AMAZING. I hope Michael Jackson was watching.

What I hope Michael Jackson didn't catch a glimpse of lest it put him into anaphylactic shock: Paula's gloved and jeweled arms.

Possible celebrity siting (or very good celebrity look alike) in audience: Callie from Gray's Anatomy

Idol who may just live to see another week:
Kristy Lee

Idol who may join Amanda on the big, comfy couch at home: Ramiele

For more recaps from people who know what good singing sounds like, visit BooMama.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I think David Cook is the most talented young star on that stage this year. I called it weeks ago (before the awesome version of "Hello" that he ROCKED!) - I think he's got a strong chance of winning it all. And I'll be first in line to buy the cd! Woooo Hooooo!

And it doesn't hurt that he's a total hottie - just don't tell The Boss I said so. I'll deny it all the way.

Life In Progress said...

Oh, I'm cracking up. I don't really watch much AI, but I saw a bit of last night's episode & blogged on it. I think we are of one AI mind!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hee hee hee. Loved your recap.

Linda said...

Loved your re-cap; it's my fav so far! Come on over and see what I said about We are the Champions, too!