Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Not an Ark, but it's Close

Our family watched the movie Evan Almighty last weekend. What a cute and very funny movie---appropriate for the entire family.

The premise is that Evan Baxter is a freshman congressman who moves his family to Washington, D.C. ready to 'Change the World'---the campaign mantra that won him the election. However, God has his own plans about how Evan can 'change the world' and asks Evan to build an ark. Yes, a real live ark, because there's going to be a flood.

Of course, Evan thinks God is crazy and he is less than thrilled with the prospect of building such a boat. God assures Evan that everything He does is because he loves Evan. Still not sure what is happening, Evan decides to take a leap of faith and start building the ark.

I won't give away the end of the movie for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but it left me asking myself some key questions: If God asked me to build an ark, would I do it? What is God asking me to do that I'm not doing?

I quickly got the answer to the second question. I knew what God had been wanting me to do. It was even something I had prayed about but when the opportunity came around I was filled with doubt, fear, insecurity and dread. I didn't want to build the ark.

Just like the movie, God didn't let me off the hook that easily. Although I didn't have hundreds of animals following me all over Washington, D.C. like Evan did, I did have numerous signs and reminders that God was opening a door for me; I just needed to pick up my hammer and start swinging away.

So this week, I decided to follow God on this little adventure he has set before me. Come back tomorrow when I'll unveil my "ark."


Livin' Life said...

I am so on the edge of my chair!!!!

TCC said...

I think this is the final review that is going to allow me to say 'yes' to Simms' multiple requests to see this movie.

Thrills said...

I think we will have to watch this movie also. I'm always looking for good clean movies.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Loved this movie! And yes, saying yes to an "ark" is on the horizon for us, too, I believe! An ark of a different sort, but definitely an ark nonetheless.