Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do you know what really gets my goat?

When only 30 minutes into the Hawkeye Caucae the political pundits on all network and cable stations start "calling" the races. Since when is 12 percent of reporting precincts a reliable number to report news on???

It's stunts like that that sour people to the political process.

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The Gang's All Here! said...

I agree - it's infuriating. It's like announcing to the rest of the world that they can all rest easy, less than 2% of the entire nation just charted our course for us. UGH. But, interestingly, I was pleased at Huckabee's strong showing. There's a little "wild hair up my nose" part of me that would love to see some dark horse like Ron Paul come out of nowhere and shock the media with his close runnings to the more moderate candidates on both sides. Like, hey, let's get a little radical here :)