Thursday, January 03, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice

I've only got one word: Omarosa.


TCC said...


The Gang's All Here! said...

She makes me crazy. And not in a good way. GRRRRRRRR!

I read a funny story the other day about Trace Adkins feelings and thoughts on being on the show and he said something to the effect that he thought it'd be fun, but it was actually really hard work not to haul off and hit some of the other celebrities. Especially her!

But yeah, Stevie B! And yeah money for Breast Cancer Research :)

Melissa said...

I can finally comment on this because I watched it on my beloved TVo. Omarosa should have been gone the first week. Hel-lo!! Any other PM would have been fired. But, Trump knows why people watch the show and he didn't want to cut her loose too soon and lose all the controversy that seems to surround her.

It was more entertaining with celebrities than I thought it would be! Although, it would be much more fun to see them sleeping in tents in "Loser-ville".