Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Worship More

So let's unpack this idea that it is possible to Worship More, Spend Less, Give More and Love All this Christmas season and at least turn the tide in our own families.

Immediately when I thought of the concept of Worship More I thought back to hearing Emily Chase speak to MIA last year on the topic of Advent. She captivated us with a tradition that she has done in her family for over 30 years. TCC summed up Emily's talk last year like this:

Essentially she selects/creates a theme each year that allows her family to spend time together and focus on the meaning of Christmas. Some of the themes she has done in the past include names of Christ, miraculous births, Christmas carols, ancestors of Christ, friends of Jesus Christ, things Jesus left when he came to earth from heaven, and verses that deal with light.

Once a theme is selected she decorates a box/tin as a gift and places it on the kitchen table. Each day the family will open the "gift" which will include something, related to the theme, for them to discuss or do together - Bible verses are included.

That simple idea changed the way many families I know celebrated Christmas last year. By focusing the entire month on some aspect of Christ, they found deeper meaning in their Christmas celebration. Most said their kids loved the idea and it kept an air of excitement and anticipation leading up to Christmas Day---keeping everyone focused on what's in our hearts, not what's under the tree.

This year, my family is going to focus on 24 miracles of Christ. Sound hard to put together? Just Google "miracles of Christ" and you'll have enough information for 3 months.

But that's just one idea. Some people Worship More when they are sacrificially giving---just as Christ gave to us. Worship More may simply mean clearing the hustle and bustle out of the holiday schedule and making more time for fellowship and reflection.

There's not a right or wrong way of worshipping more. Simply ask God for ideas.

I'd love to hear in the comments how you have Worshipped More in the past or any ideas you have for this year.


Melissa said...

Last year we studied the Names of Jesus and this year we are doing something a little bit different. We have many family members who are not "saved" and we would like to concentrate our prayer efforts on each one specifically. We have asked each one to send us a letter with their favorite Christmas memory contained in it. We will read a letter each night, pray for that person, ask the Lord for a scripture to share with that person and make a homemade gift from the heart (simple gift, mind you) for that person.

The hard part is getting everyone to send their letters! We want to start Friday, but we haven't received anything via mail or email, yet! I'm not resorting to a Plan B though....I believe this is what our family has been called to do and we'll figure something out (maybe The Husband and I will share a favorite memory of each person, the girls love stories from our childhoods).

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