Friday, November 23, 2007

We Shopped till We Dropped

Earlier this week I had thrown the idea around of starting my Black Friday madness at midnight at the Hershey Outlets. I went back and forth all week and even as I ate turkey yesterday, I just wasn't decided. Then, around 8:00pm, Say Anything called me and begged to go along on my excellent adventure.

I could give you the blow-by-blow, but she did a good job of that, however, here are a few of my own observations:

**There were no deals at the outlets that you couldn't score any other day of the year. Seriously.

**The one "carrot on a stick" was that Osk Kosh was offering a radio flyer wagon to customers who purchased $100 or more. Although we weren't interested in the wagon and didn't spend any money there, we were disgusted that the wagon was a miniature replica big enough for your favorite doll. I would've been furious if I had come banking on a full-size wagon.

**At several stores, we had stuff in our hands to buy but decided to walk out with nothing because the lines to check out were so long.

**I love the store White House Black Market. However, it became painfully obvious that I will never wear anything from there...I didn't see a size larger than a 4.

**You Coach fans are crazy.

**A single yahoo caused a frantic stampede on JC Penney's at 3:30.

**Stores should not offer the same deals to people who show up at 4am to those who show up at 1pm.

**No toy is worth the madhouse Toys R Us was at 5am. Sorry, Brown Sugar, that Crayola craft kit will just have to wait.

**I dropped into bed around 6:11AM.

**I have the best husband in the world who took charge of the kids and house so I could sleep until 2pm.

As with any excellent adventure, lessons should be learned and here are the three I gleaned:

1. I've "been there, done that and would've bought the t-shirt if the line wasn't so long," so I probably won't ever shop the outlets at midnight again. But if I was going to do it, I'm glad it was with Say Anything.

2. People will do some crazy things for 10% off a purse.

3. The whole experience just reinforced that Christmas is not a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus anymore, but to celebrate the power of the all-mighty dollar.

I feel a series coming up on that last point. Stay tuned Monday for part one of my series "The Advent Conspiracy."

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