Monday, November 19, 2007

Shopping till I Fall Asleep

For the first time last year, the Hershey Outlets opened at 12:00AM on Black Friday. I was skeptical but apparently the cars were lined up for miles on Hersheypark Drive to cash in on the fantabulous deals that were only available to those night owl shoppers.

Being a night owl myself, I think it is a great idea. Getting up at 4:00AM to get all the early bird specials has never held any appeal for me. I'd rather pay full price than get up at the crack of dawn---even for shopping.

So, I'm actually thinking about being one of those midnight shoppers this year. It's much easier for me to shop until 4AM rather than get up at 4aM. Does that make sense? If nothing else, it sounds fun and something this mom who will have been in the house for two weeks with three sick kids may need to do. You know...retail therapy.

However, if you are over 35---and maybe even 30---you know that I will pay for this novel endeavor for anywhere between 3-5 days. I used to stay up until the wee hours of the night/morning in college and beyond and still get up for 8AM classes and run a full day. And then do it all over again the next night.

These days? Not so much. Staying up for New Year's Eve sets me back a few days. And, of course, with kids there is no such thing as sleeping in.

Nevertheless, I'm feeling like living on the edge. Anyone want to join me?


Melissa said...

I'm very tempted...I just have to run it by The Husband. Having an almost 12 year old and GAS here helps me to "sleep in" until at least 9am so I think I can do it! Although, after getting up at 4:30 am last Black Friday and hitting the stores with my sis-in-law, I swore I'd never do it again just to save a couple of bucks! But, I do need toys. Toys that do not cause anything that could potentially harm or kill my children!

Classic MaMa said...

Not-So-Classic and I had that crazy idea last year when we lived near the outlets in Lancaster. We actually got in our car and drove near there (I was as big as a pregnant house) but we never got there because traffic was so backed up. My advice: go really, really early to get a parking spot and to get in the parking lot.

I will not be joining y'all. I'm doing most of my shopping online this year.

Hands-Free Heart said...

OOO, I will be in Virginia, or I would probably join you. I haven't even started to think about Christmas shopping this year, and I am SUCH a night owl!

Thrills said...

Not me. I will be going to sleep at a decent time and then wake up very early. I am a morning person and would not be very much fun to be around at night.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Tempted, very tempted. Unfortunately, the decision is made for me - I'll be in VA with The Boss's family. We're likely to hang out, watch football and get yet another day (weekend?!) behind in our Christmas prep. Oh well, at least I'll eat good :)

kimi said...

My fiance works at our outlet here in Seattle and they did the early open. it's miserable. We had to leave thanksgiving early to get him rested and to work to pull a twelve hour shift in the middle of the night. but the bonus will be nice! Hope you had fun. I noticed the same thing though with the no big deals thing.