Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When we are Weak, He is Strong

I've been reading an article in the June 2007 issue of Charisma magazine about Condoleezza Rice written by Leslie Montgomery. The article is excerpted from Ms. Montgomery's book, The Faith of Condoleezza Rice.

It's a fascinating read about a woman with great intellect and how she has tried to bridge her faith with reason. Amidst her great climb up the political ladder, she has had to deal with the death of her mother and father over the years. As she grieved her father's death, Rice says she learned three important truths that changed her life.

"First, I [learned] that it is a privilege to struggle," she says. "Only through struggle do we realize the depth of our resilience and understand that the hardest of blows can be survived.

"There's a second truth about struggle: It can conquer you, or you can conquer it. Part of not allowing struggle to overcome our faith is attained by letting go of our own expectations and plans.

"There is a third truth in the privilege of struggle. You can find personal fulfillment and peace in times of pain and heartache. When God's power is full-strength because we are weak, that enables the Spirit of the Lord to rest on us. When we are weak, contemptible, persecuted, frustrated and painfully grieving because we are weak, He is strong."

Rice went on to say that she believed God was "strengthening her faith for a time when America would need it the most," 9/11.

A great reminder for all of us that our struggles are sometimes part of a great picture that hasn't been revealed yet.

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The Gang's All Here! said...

So great to know that our country is being led by those who understand the deeper things of the Lord! I've read a couple excerpts of things about her and have been consistently impressed with her knowledge of the world scene and her perspective on it all from God's eyes.