Monday, August 06, 2007

Searching...In all the Wrong Places

I'm happy to report that since I changed the blog name from MIA to 'Like I Was Saying', I have only had one search for MIA. Mission Accomplished!!

However, I still get some interesting searches. Most are for normal mom or kid things, but a few have caught my attention over the last several weeks.

"Varmint proof garbage can"
Put a box of rat poison on top. Just remember to keep the kids and pets away.

"Chinese Water Torture"
Is someone torturing you or do you want to torture someone? Because if you want to torture someone, I've got a 2-year-old that could probably help you out.

"Low-rise, boot-cut jeans"
They will change your life. Really. You'll never wear mommy jeans again. You also can't eat or breathe while you wear them, but you'll look great.

"How to iron shirts like the cleaner"
And you found my site?? If I want them to look like the cleaners ironed them, I take them to the cleaner.

"Kids party behind their backs"
And that's why you can't turn your back on kids. Hot dogs in fans, diapers in toilets and paint on carpet are some other reasons.

"Getting poop out of carpet"
If you'll pay her way, my mom would probably come help you. She hasn't failed me yet.

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