Friday, August 31, 2007

Reason #86 for Why I Love Our School

I was reading over the information I received at Kindergarten orientation today and was moved by this note written by Brown Sugar's teacher:

Dear Parents:

I covet your prayers for a successful Kindergarten year, not just academically but socially and spiritually as well. Your child is a precious gift from God, and I take my responsibility as his/her teacher very seriously. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would guide my words and actions daily, that all I say and do would be out of love.

Pray that we would see the ways God is working in our classroom so that He may be praised and our faith may be strengthened. Pray that there would be a spirit of cooperation and love between classmates and a sincere desire to build one another up, not in a particular way but for God's glory.

Pray that when we sin, we would be eager to ask forgiveness from God and one another. Pray that your child and I would grow closer to Jesus this year.


Even if your child doesn't have a Christian teacher who is asking you to raise her up in prayer this year, I challenge you to pray daily for her/him, your child's classmates and the school's administration. Use the above praying points to impact your school and to influence the climate of your child's classroom this year.

I'd also encourage you to seek out a Moms in Touch group (or start your own) and join in prayer with other moms at your school. The area coordinator for Moms in Touch will be at the September MIA meeting to give you more information about these parent-run groups and how they are making an impact in this region. She can also tell you if your school has a group you can join.

Remember, where two or three are gathered...

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Classic MaMa said...

When I was a public school teacher, I appreciated the prayers of our local Moms in Touch group.