Thursday, August 30, 2007

God Winked At Me. He Really Did!

oH mY woRD had a great post recently about how God winked at her. She had been fretting, as all moms like to do, about sending her youngest to school. And then God winked at her and let her know it was okay, this was part of his plan, He would take care of her.

Well, I had my own wink from God yesterday. I've been fretting about Brown Sugar going off to school and going back and forth about whether she is really ready to go this year. Those fears intensified this week when she didn't behave at a class mixer party the way I thought she should. I thought it was clearly a sign that she just wasn't ready. So yesterday, I became overwhelmed with doubt and decided that I was going to pull her out. Yep, pull her out and wait another year. That was the answer.

However, there was one major obstacle: money. We had already paid her tuition in full for this school year. I contacted the school's treasurer and confirmed, like I suspected, that if we pulled her out we would lose the money and it would simply become a donation to the school. No exceptions. you can imagine my accountant husband wasn't keen on that idea.

But I was still fretting and was ready to make the sacrifice. And that was when God winked.

A teacher at the school, who is also a good friend, called and told me their in-service that morning had focused on kids' personalities and, in part, how to work with kids who are shy. Painfully shy.

My friend then shared a conversation she had with Brown Sugar's teacher, Mrs. M, later in the day and she just wanted to assure me that Mrs. M has been giving great thought to how to draw the best out of Brown Sugar this year. We talked in more detail for awhile, but the thought kept going through my mind, 'he just winked at me. God really winked at me.'

On a day when I was ready to throw in the towel and abandon ship, God came gently beside me and assured me I was doing the right thing. That sending her was His will and that I should stay the course.

God is good.


On Fire For Jesus said...

You know, that's really cool! I mean it!

Say Anything said...

I guess I was folding the towel for you to throw in yesterday. Sorry.

Glad you are feeling better today!

Melissa said...

Been there, done that and God came to the rescue (He's so good at that!!).

Isn't it wild that the God who created the universe knew just what you personally needed to hear to fulfill the course He has set for Brown Sugar and give YOU peace in the process?! That thought blows me away on a continuos basis!

The Gang's All Here! said...

That's such an encouraging post. Thanks for sharing it - I'm waiting for the wink, I guess. We start on Tuesday, and I know in my head that this is the course we are to take. Just gotta get my mommy heart up to the start line with my head and the kids' feet! They are already running in place and ready to rock at the sound of the gun . . .