Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Look, New Name, Same Game

Stop! You're at the right place. Really. This is MIA with a new name and new look. I know you must be dazed and confused so I thought I'd do a little FAQ.

Why a New Name?
Well, let's just say that there is a complete underworld of people from around the world doing google and yahoo searches for MIA (in its written out form) and numerous variations on the name. No, they aren't looking for recipes and poo stories...they are looking for p*rn . If you don't get my drift, e-mail me and I'll explain in more detail.

I got tired of seeing those types of searches on my sitemeter---yesterday there were 8 searches. Plus, on most of the searches I ranked in the top 5 sites returned. So, in an effort not to attract unwanted attention to this site by the wrong people or to any of you who link here, I'm changing the name. From here on out I will refer to our beloved ministry for moms at CCC as MIA, not in its written out form.

At this point I'm going to keep the same URL, but if I continue to get unwanted searches in large quantity I may have to move this blog to a new location.

Why "Like I Was Saying"?
I threw around tons of names and decided to go with a phrase that many moms use frequently. We all start conversations with friends on the phone or in person only to get interrupted by wee ones with urgent needs. Five seconds or five minutes later we turn back to the person we were talking to and say, 'Like I Was Saying.' Hopefully you won't get interrupted too much while you're reading all the brilliant stories of intrique and glamour that so frequently show up here.

Should I change your name on my Blogroll?
Yes. Please change me from MIA to Like I Was Saying and maybe do a short post to let your readers know that MIA is now Like I Was Saying so they won't be all confused...if that's even possible. Also, please no longer refer to me as MIA in your posts. Natalie will do just fine unless you can come up with something more creative for me.

Now that You're Not the Ministry Leader for MIA, will you continue this blog and will it still keep us updated about MIA news?
Absolutely. I will continue to promote MIA events, meetings and news. In fact, now that I'm not the leader I will do a much better job of keeping you all in the know. Ironic, isn't it?

Is the content going to change on this site?
No way! Who else could I tell my poo stories to and they would understand my pain? I'll still be posting my normal random stories about my life with children, great product finds, new places to visit in the area and various drivel about my life. I'll just be throwing in even more MIA related news and features.

What's the scoop on moving to a 3-column template?
I thought it would give me more room to post MIA-related calendars, news, etc. You'll already see that I've got a special place reserved for the MIA Fall Schedule in the third column.

Still have a question or two?
Leave a comment and I'll make sure I answer them. And welcome to a new day at Like I was Saying.


Classic MaMa said...

Ah. I understand. Great new page. :)

Thrills said...

Very Nice! I like the new look. This is your 3rd look. I am still on my first. I am going to have to change soon. Maybe for my one year anniversary.

MIA = p*rn, never crossed my mind.

Plain and Simple said...

I love the template. When I was choosing mine it was between this one and the one I have now. I am so excited, now I will be able to see this one more.

TCC said...

I love the look and the name...totally makes sense!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you knew about the P*rn problem. My friends have accidently set off their "red alert" warnings at work by accidently opening a p*orn site while looking for your blog. Of course, with the same URL, they will still have the same problem. Can you really tell that people are looking for p*rn on your site? Yuck.


Krazy Klingers said...

I LOVE the new look and the new name! It took me awhile but i finally understood what you were talking about... and it never crossed my mind but I am sure you were receiving lots.

On Fire For Him said...

I've thought about your MIA problem for a long time now. I am excited for your new look and new name! How fun!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Well done! This is a gorgeous new site and I'm so glad you are working on solutions to the issue. My mom actually just started vocalizing some of her concerns about security to me, now that I'm "out there" for the whole world (just the 7 of you, really!) to read. I am going to have to work on some editing and changing along the way . . .

Say Anything said...

Love the look!