Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Reads

There have been a few more of my peeps enter this mad, mad bloggy world. I just realized that I haven't formally welcomed them, so here's some fresh new blogs to add to your Bloglines.

Plain & Simple: Actually, Sara is anything but plain and simple. I tend to think of her as more down to earth. She is amazingly creative, thrifty and crafty. Need a to her. She loves to sing and worship and has a heart of gold . Already she has a great rhythm going on her blog and I know you'll be checking back on Fridays for her Frugal Find or on Sunday when she highlights a favorite song.

Mirror Mirror: This blog is not for the fainthearted. It will challenge the socks off you as you follow the writer on her own journey to knowing in the core of her being that she is a daughter of the King. It will make you think---a lot. But it will always strengthen and encourage your relationship with Christ. Mirror Mirror is usually not a quick read, but one to be savored over a cup of tea when the kids aren't underfoot.

Krazy Klingers: This blog is just a few days old, but already a delight. Amanda is a wild and krazy new mom who loves her Laneybug, husband and God. I actually don't know Amanda super well, but I think that's all about the change!

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