Thursday, March 15, 2007


From the first season of Survivor, I've been disappointed that most times people are voted out for social reasons and not based on their ability to survive the elements of their environment.

Well, this new twist on Survivor just may be the answer to my frustrations. Could your husband be the next Survivor? Look here to find out.

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2 Boys' Mom said...

That is classic! I think my husband got a taste of that this past weekend.

Last Tuesday my 2 yr old broke my glasses so I had to go to the eye doctor on Saturday for a new RX and glasses with my husband watching said 2 yr old and 4 month old. The 2 year old Friday night started running a 103.5 my husband had to take the two kids to the doctor Saturday by himself. Keep in mind the 4 month old is 100% breastfed and the 2 yr old only wants mommy when sick. The doctor had to clean the child's ears out, do a nose swab and a rectal temperature all with my husband holding our 2 year old down. The 4 month old screamed the entire time this was going on. He was in tears when he got home (not the 2 year old but my husband!!).

That was the first time all week I was glad that my glasses had been broken and I had to walk around for 4 days with duct tape holding them together. =)