Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rewriting Shakespeare

"Beware the Ides of March!"
From Julius Caesar (I, ii, 33)

Why am I quoting Shakespeare? Well, because that quote is the intro our weatherman used this morning to tell us that we can expect 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow. A winter storm watch is in effect tomorrow after we had at least two days this week in the 60s.

I think the better quote would be "Beware the stay-at-home mom who has been in the house for 5 days with sick, whiny kids and her only saving grace has been the bright sunshine and mild temperatures that are now being violently snatched away and replaced with a noreaster."


~ Amy ~ said...

I really hate this time of the year. The weather is so ICK! sloppy, wet, muddy, cold, warm, rainy, snowy...just dry up and warm up already!!!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh no!
I hope the weatherman was wrong and it isn't snowing on you right now. I thought crazy weather like that only happened in Michigan! We were in the 70's Tuesday and there was snow on the ground yesterday. Whatever!
Hang in there, Mom!!!

weavermom said...

I'm so sorry!
May the "noreaster" be very short-lived and may the kids be healthy by the time it's over so you can enjoy the next sunny weather!