Monday, January 01, 2007

Say it Ain't So

I saw Thrills and her husband in BJ's yesterday. They asked where I had found the Dark Chocolate Altoids I had written about because they hadn't been able to find them.


So help me if the Dark Chocolate Altoid was a special, one-time, special edition holiday candy and they have pulled it off the shelves already. NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. If I had known that I would've bought every tin I had seen throughout December. And I saw a lot of them.

This happened to me several years ago with the dark chocolate Kit-Kat. Another perfect specimen of chocolaty goodness. But it was a special holiday, limited engagement candy bar and before I knew it my chocolate obsession was gone. So I now have to resort to the black market (E-Bay and Canada) and the goodness of friends (Sara, Bob, Patty, Husband) who pick these oh-so-perfect-candy-bars up for me when certain stores decide to unload whatever few bags they had taking up room in the back.

Well, I just can't believe the Dark Choclate Altoids have received the same fate. That's candy abuse, if you ask me. So, immediately I started looking everywhere for them (okay, maybe just two stores, so far). And I can't find them. Anywhere.

So, I am enlisting the help of all you to find out if the Dark Chocolate Altoids were truly a special Christmas product and sent to torture and taunt dark chocolate lovers every where. Or, if they are truly here to stay and I just have overlooked them. I originally bought them at Giant.

Please let me know if you spot them anywhere. In the meantime, I'm going to do some research and see if I can get to the bottom of this Dark Chocolate Caper.


On Fire For Him said...

Just found them in NC here. I didn't realize that they are a special candy. B/C we have all fell in love with them as well. Perhaps I will go back to Wal Mart and buy the rest! If I do, I will send you some!

Mom In Action said...

I emailed the company tonight and asked them what is up with our beloved dark chocolate altoids. I'll let you know when I hear back from, don't spend your life savings on snatching them up yet.

Thrills said...

I found some at Sheetz yesterday. I only bought 1 pack though. They are so good. I would like to know what the company says.

This happened to me also. They made peanut butter Twix for years. Well, last year they stopped making them. That was my all time favorite candy bar.