Friday, January 12, 2007

Noah Steven "Crowned in Peace"

Right after 9/11, Lisa Beamer, whose husband died on the plane that crashed in Pa, spoke at a women's event I attended. I will always remember what she said, "You can become bitter or better, filled with fear or filled with hope. I've chosen to better my life with hope because of the living God who dwells within me."

If you have spent any time in the blogosphere, you know that there are a good number of blogs out there dedicated to sick kids. Really sick kids. And you can tell on many of them if the family has chosen to let the experience make them bitter or better.

Today, I found a link over at Lifenut to a blog for Noah Steven "Crowned in Peace." Today, Noah was taken off life support. He is 7 months old and has a mystery disease that has stumped the medical community since August when he was admitted to Denver Children's Hospital. His mother has documented Noah's journey, but more importantly, she has documented the amazing spiritual journey that Noah's illnes has taken her family on.

I strongly urge you to read the strength and hope and blessing that she writes about in yesterday's post as she anticipated today's events. And then I challenge you to dive into the site's archives and be encouraged by the power of the living God this family has leaned on over the last 6 months.

I'd like to think that I'd have even 1/8th of the same faith and trust as Adrienne does, but I know that in my own strength that type of peace is unattainable. Choosing to let my circumstances make me better only comes when I relinquish my rights to what I want and allow God to flood my life with his power and love and perfect peace. That's especially difficult when it means having to let go of a child.

From the beginning of yesterday's post at Noah Steven: Crowned in Peace:

Waiting is the hardest part...having such a peace in my heart for something so wonderful as us releasing our son into the arms of the Creator of the entire Universe, makes waiting the hardest part. I want to spend every second with him,I don't want to close my eyes and sleep, but the peace that we know,that deep stillness that is in the natural, unfathomable, also makes me wonder why we have to wait to offer our gift without blemish.

Please visit this site . Please pray for this family. And please pray that God's will would be accomplished in Noah's life.


TCC said...

Wow. What an amazing, strong family. They KNOW the presence GOD. You should have warned me that tissues were a necessity!

jb said...

that really touched me in many ways - and makes me so thankful that my little boy is healthy. I definitely needed some tissues too.