Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting Jiggy With It

There is a great site called Cool Mom Picks. Each and every day they highlight a product or company that has cool kid stuff.

For all my Philly readers, this recent "Pick" piqued my interest. It's called Baby Loves Disco and was started by a Philly mom and has spread to 14 cities. For those unfamiliar with Baby Loves Disco, it’s a party for families with young children hosted once a month. These parties come jam packed with a dj, dancing, lots of food, and activities.

According to Cool Mom Picks, "The popular dance clubs that host the venues are made complete (and far more appealing) with healthy snacks, chill out rooms, diaper changing stations, a variety of free services courtesy of some generous sponsors. There are even drinks -- real drinks!--for the non-driving parents. But truly the success of the events hinges on the music: Nothing kid-oriented here. Instead, A-list dj's spin real live 70's-80's tunes while bubble machines complete the ambiance."

The Philly Baby Loves Disco is hosted at the popular club Shampoo. According to Cool Mom Picks, if you attend one event you won't be surprised that the monthly events almost always sell out.

Has anyone heard of Baby Loves Disco or has ever attended one of their events?

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