Thursday, November 30, 2006


Tomorrow starts Advent in our home. We've really never marked Advent but I was challenged by a speaker at our November Moms In Action meeting to use Advent as a way to keep our family focused on the real meaning of Christmas.

She explained how for over two decades she has chosen a theme for the month and then had daily object lessons with the kids. Some of her past themes have been 24 Names of Jesus, 24 Miracle Births in the Bible, 24 Friends of Jesus and 24 Things Jesus left when he came to earth from heaven. To get a much better explanation of how this all works, please visit The Campbell Corner. Nicole did a great job of summarizing everything.

So, just one day before "day 1", I'm still struggling to pick a topic and get my act together. Melissa K sent me a great document she found on the Web that already has planned activities and scriptures for the 24 Names of Christ. And, I thought Nicole had a great idea with 24 Things God Created. That's a good one for early elementary and preschool kids. I've also tossed around the idea of 24 Women in the Bible but that may be a little aggressive since I'm suppose to start tomorrow.

If you are participating in Advent and have a theme you're using and would like to share, please leave a comment. And, as the month goes on, I'd love to hear how your families are responding.


Thrills said...

I really would like to do something, but then I think I only have a one-year-old. I am still debating though (I know I need to decide soon). If we do do something, I think I am just going to do something simple like 24 Christmas Songs (all biblical of course, not Jingle Bells).

TCC said...

I posted the 24 Things God Created that I am doing on December 2nd if anyone is interested. JCC is LOVING this!

Tracy W said...

I know it's late to start, but we're working on an Advent tree. I've taken a couple ideas from these postings and from my sister to do it. We purchased a table top Christmas tree, in a decorative pot, and some foam Christmas ornaments. We'll pick a theme (this year we are doing "24 Things We Are Grateful For." Then, each day we will all write our contribution to the theme on our ornaments, and by Christmas day, the little tree will be full. With all 6 of us contributing (and maybe 7 by next Christmas?!) we'll need a bigger tree soon, I imagine. Some of the other themes we've tossed around are "Our favorite Christmas Hymns" or "Scriptures that foretell the coming of the Messiah" and so on. . . Thanks for all the great ideas!