Thursday, October 19, 2006

Make It Work 'cause You're In

Warning: This post is complete indulgence.

My sister-in-law got me hooked on watching Project Runway on Bravo. The premise of this reality show is 12 fashion designers compete in weekly challenges in the hopes that their fashions will be deemed "in" by a panel of celebrity judges each week. Last night was the show's finale.

The final four designers each created a 12 piece collection that was debuted during fashion week in NYC this fall in their own fashion show. Here were the last four competing:

Michael has been a heavy favorite the entire show. He creates sophisticated and sleek clothing that always has a flash of 'wow' somewhere.

Uli is from Miami and loves to use bold and colorful prints to design her sarong like dresses that are right at home on the beach. Her clothing is very comfortable.

Laura is traditional and elegant. She loves to create classic clothes that look great but look sheek. She loves black.

Jeffrey is the rebel of the group. He likes edgy clothes that are a mix of rock star and grunge. His outfits are usually over the top and remind me of something I'd see middle school girls wearing who were trying to be hip.

I think you can probably tell from my recaps, that my least favorite designer was Jeffrey. He was often rude, condescending and I just didn't care for his clothing. He didn't design for the average woman. There were many times I would've actually worn what the others made, but I never said that about Jeffrey's designs.

Well, you probably see where this is going. After the fashion shows last night, Jeffrey was deemed the Project Runway champion. Un-stinkin-believable.

That just goes to show that the fashion industry doesn't really know the woman who actually goes to the store and buys clothes. You will never find Jeffrey's clothes in a regular store. Maybe on Bon Jovi or Joan Jett (sorry, showing my age) but not on the average American woman.

I do wish Uli, Laura and Michael all the success they deserve and hope they can find the means to produce their own clothing lines.

Okay, I'm done. No more about Project Runway...until next season!

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