Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Can Count on Me...Mum's the Word

I was at a party last night and the conversation eventually turned to blogging. It became the joke that someone would say or do something and then say "you better not blog about that." Yes, I would hate for the tens of people who read this to know my friends' quirks and blunders.

But because I really like my friends, and I want them to remain my friends, I think it is only polite to respect their privacy. I mean, I would never:
  • Write about another blogger's foot phobia.
  • Tell another 'Say Anything' story about underwear.
  • Explain why I (and 25 others) had to wear tattoos to church this morning.
  • Repeat the man eating salad out of a paper bag story...because it's not normal.
  • Reveal what a certain friend was thinking while he was walking down the street in DC.
  • Explain the real meaning of 'karaoke.'
  • Divulge which men read this blog.

No, you will never hear those types of items on this blog. Anyway, that's not the stuff interesting, stimulating blogs are made of. There's world peace to solve, discipline techniques to debate and new cleaning products to try.

So, please, go about your normal business and don't mind me. I would never carry a small notepad in my "pocketbook" just for writing interesting tidbits said at parties. No, on those slow days when I can't think of anything to say, I'd rather just post a picture of a ingrown toenail than blab the intimate details of my truly wonderful friends.

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momrn2 said...

This was great. Made me smile! I won't ask for details although it is tempting.

Just so you know... your previous "ice cream in a bag" post looks for interesting. I'm goign to have to give that a try with the kids!!

Thanks for leaving your link at "My Quiet Corner"! Please know you are welcome back by anytime!

On Fire For Him said...

You can't be serious!!!! I'm gonna gag! I'm gonna gag! LOL!!!!