Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm in Paradise

I'm on vacation until Wednesday. No, I'm not writing this from the beach or a mountain retreat but from my own house. My two girls went to grandma & grandpa's house for a few days and, even though I still have the baby, it's like being on vacation.

There aren't Barbies and dolls and play food everywhere. We actually had a quiet dinner last night, and I didn't have to be a short order cook at breakfast this morning. It's like being in paradise. But while in paradise I do want to get some painting done, finish my "spring cleaning" and try to get back to ground zero with my house.

Of course, the kind gentleman who carried my paint out to my car this morning reminded me how quickly they grow up and before I know it they will be heading off to college. Yes, I know that's true and already I can't believe that my oldest will be in first grade this year. Yet, I'm pretty sure a few days in paradise will be good for all of us. Especially mama!

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