Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Flashlight Fun - Friday Fun

This Friday Fun is actually brought to you on Wednesday this week. I'm going to busy with family and SHOPPING on Friday. I also thought this is something you may want to do with your family on Thursday if you run out of other fun things. Any how here goes.

Take advantage of the early darkness. The kids and I turned off all of the lights in the house to play with flashlights. I made the rule at the beginning that you don't shine the flashlights in other peoples eyes. They started just looking around the house, but then we played 2 games.

The first game: I picked an object from their toys, i.e. a chair from one of their toy sets. We turned all of the lights off. They felt it and guessed what it was.

The second game: My little girl came up with this game. She took her baby doll into another room and hid it. Then I took the flashlight and went searching for it. We took turns with hiding and searching.

Let your kids come up with more ideas.

Simple, but hours of fun.


Trish said...

Cute idea! My son's teacher recommends putting their vocabulary words around the house and then finding them with the flashlight and practicing reading them.

Our cats also go crazy when you get out the flashlight - we spent a long time playing with them the last time the power went out.

Promises Fulfilled said...

seriously, you are so creative and should share some of these sute and simple ideas at the coffeehouse!