Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Time of Refreshment

Remember when I wrote here about taking care of yourself, and having some rejuvenating "me" time, in this post? Well, if you have seen me since then, you can see that my hair is not any shorter and there are no highlights in it! However, that will all change next week! Yes, I finally made the appointment (with a little prompting from me sis - thanks!). I am really looking forward to this!

So, have you done anything that has rejuvenated yourself? If not...then think of something that you could do. Maybe going out shopping by yourself (or with a friend), grabbing a cup of coffee or water, or taking the time to read in that book that you really want to finish. Whatever it is, be sure to take some time out for yourself. It not only is good for you to do it for yourself, but it is also good for your family too...who wouldn't want a Mommy that was feeling refreshed?

P.S. I think that I am also going to make the time to read in a book that I have been wanting to read! :)


Livin' Life said...

I finally did something too! Last week I went to Purple Door ( a concert not a hair appt.) out by SKi Roundtop. Scott surprised me with a ticket. It felt wonderful to do something I really wanted to do. It has done wonders for this week. I agree with you go out and get refreshed Promises!!! Enjoy your day!

Classic MaMa said...

:) Scarlett and I went out shopping the other night for "school clothes". I love having a girl!!