Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Do You Save Money on Groceries?

You may remember that about this time last year, I had a fun and hair-raising experience with the good people at GIANT Foods and their Shop at Home feature. Well, even after all the madness, they still kept my phone number and recently called to ask if I would be a panelist for their Affordable Food Summit which is being held Friday, June 5 from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM at the Camp Hill GIANT Super Food Store.

This panel discussion will examine food prices and the Pennsylvania economy as well as how GIANT is offering customers ways to save on their weekly grocery bill. My role on the panel is to offer ways families can manage their family budget when it comes to grocery costs. This is where I need your help!!

What are some ways YOU are squeaking out more food for less dollars these days? Coupons? Generics? Food planning? What else are you doing to offset the rising cost of food with your family's needs and income? If you shop at GIANT, what store features are helping you to better manage your food costs?

The Affordable Food Summit is open to the public and, actually, will be taking place right there in the produce section of the Camp Hill GIANT. You won't be able to miss us!! They are building a stage and seating right in the midst of the lemons and broccoli. Seriously.

You'll be happy to know that there are bigger and more knowledgable people joining me on this panel.
  • Hon. Dennis Wolff, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture - food economics and PA agribusiness landscape
  • Sylvia Emberger, GIANT corporate nutritionist - eating healthy on a budget and ways Giant offers savings
  • Natalie Martin, GIANT shopper - ways to manage the family budget
  • David Black, President, Harrisburg Regional Chamber - state of the local economy
  • Kendall Hanna, Executive Director, Central PA Food Bank - resources for folks who are in need and changing face of hunger
Come out and join us Friday morning. There is even rumors that they are having an ice cream social after the event!

But first, let me know in the comments what you are doing to keep food affordable!!

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Promises Fulfilled said...

That should be a fun experienece for you, Natalie, GIANT shopper!

I do use coupons a lot - from the Sunday paper, the Internet and from Giant itself. I only buy generic if it still is healthy and tastes good. If is tastes horrible (like Giant's graham crackers, it is not worth saving $1 over Nabisco's brand).

I am a stockpile shopper. I have a certain amount of $$ that I put aside for groceries each paycheck, and then I buy things based on the sales. So, if chicken is on sale one week, I will stock up on it, and not have to buy it when the price goes up. I do this with many items. So, then when I plan my menu, it is based on what is in the house, what is on sale that week and then I usually have to add a few more items to round out the meal.

I do shop at Giant and enjoy the BOGO promotions, the coupons that are put out at various places throughout the store, and the sale prices are good too. I wish that they had more Giant brand coupons that would come out.

For toilettries, I shop at CVS with their extra bucks program and sometimes Rite Aid with their single check rebate program. I rarely pay for toilettries anymore - and that saves my family a lot of money.

Have fun!