Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge - Week #6

If I thought last week presented some challenges to staying on track, this week made it almost impossible. It's hard to stay focused on healthy living when there is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate everywhere. And beautiful and decadent desserts. And candy hearts. How can you turn down a candy heart?

So I was expecting the worse when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, but was pleasantly surprised to see 152 staring back at me. That means one of two things: either my scale is broken or my metabolism is picking up some steam. The jury is still out on the answer.

Other than a few nibbles or chocolate here and a few bites of chocolate there, I did pretty well staying on track with everything else. Still no exercise, but Jim is going to do it with me which should make it much easier to incorporate.

Starting Weight: 156.5
Week 1: 156.5
Week 2: 154
Week 3: 153
Week 4: 152
Week 5: 152

I'm hoping that next week I can declare that I've lost a full 5 pounds! Whoo Hoo!

What about you? Was Valentine's day good to you or did cupid stick you with more than an arrow?

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TCC said...

This week has been busy. Is it already the end of Wednesday?

I then realized that I haven't posted for over 1-1/2 weeks.

So...no point in me posting results tomorrow AM. I'll wait until next Monday and link up again.

Glad to hear you managed well this past weekend. Me? I gained a pound since last Monday but it's off again.

Congrats on your 5 pounds! Awesome. :)

TCC said...

Did I mention the busy-ness of the week?!?

That would account for me misreading or maybe you have already decreased to the full five pounds. ;)