Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Did Someone Say Dark Chocolate?

Simms and I have never gone crazy over Valentine's Day. I'd hypothesize that it's because our Anniversary (both when we started dating and when we got married) is in January and we've already celebrated how much we love each other. It kind of makes February 14th a day to say "oh yeah, by the way, just in case you've forgotten, I love you again!" Don't get me wrong - we still let each other know how much we love them but we've never established a tradition for Valentine's Day. Throughout the years cards have been given, a love note tucked in his lunch, e-cards sent online, dinner out or in but not cooked by me (now that's a huge gift!). You get the point. Last year I gave Simms a chocolate my wife rocks tee and myself a chocolate my husband rocks tee which can be purchased at from*me tees. He loved it and wears it often. I liked that I was giving him chocolate without the calories!!!

For our anniversary this year, we treated ourselves to the two shall become one tees - his and hers.

Since we did that a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know what I was going to do this year for Valentine's Day until I saw the debut of the new black metro tees. Can you tell we like to live the tag line celebrate your spouse in style?

I appreciate being able to give Simms a gift that is thoughtful, loving and will last long after the flowers have wilted and the candy has gone to your waist or hips. LOL. I will probably still leave a love note in his lunch and we'll go out to eat but since we are both watching our calories, this year, the black metro tee is my dark chocolate.

What if you aren't a chocolate kind of gal? No problem. From*me tees has a large selection for both men and women and there is even a Winter Sale going on right now! While you are checking the site out, you may want to note that the company has recently expanded their line to include selections for children and babies. My boys were thrilled to receive their daddy rocks (mommy's right) tees at Christmas and have already told me that they want the mommy rocks (daddy's right) tee as well.

Regardless of what you choose to do this year, take time to say I love you and remember to say it on the days that lead up to the 14th as well as those that follow!

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