Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Skinny Girl Challenge - #3

Oh me, oh my. Well I'm a day late and a dollar short with this post. My apologies to the rest of you who had your posts up yesterday.

My question this week is what type of accountability works best for you when you are trying to lose weight or establish healthier routines. Personally, my husband is the worst person to hold me accountable. I feel like he is nagging and it usually ends with hurt feelings or a fight.

I'd have to say that knowing I have to post whether I had a soda or went to bed on time each week is definitely causing me to think twice before I eat that extra cookie or skip the eighth glass of water.

But I also came up with another idea to keep me on track each day because I was having a hard time remembering how much water I was drinking or if I had taken my vitamin. So I employed a simple trick I use for the kids: I created myself a sticker chart!

It is a daily chart that tracks my main five goals for right now:

1. Take vitamin
2. Drink 8 glasses of water
3. No Soda
4. No evening snacks
5. Bed by 11pm

When I've complete the task, I check it off for the day. Then I have a visual reminder of how well (or not) I'm doing and where I need to improve. Plus, it's on the refrigerator for everyone else to see so that provides a little extra incentive. The kids think it's funny.

This week I only had one soda, I drank more water, and only had evening snacks once or twice. I was in bed by 11 only two nights and didn't take my vitamin at all. Week two was much easier for not craving soda. So I'm getting there but I'm hoping the chart will help yield even greater results.

The best news is that I lost 2 pounds!!! I'm at 154. I wish I had a picture but my camera needs new batteries, so you'll just have to take my word today for the 2 pounds.

Next week's question: What kind of exercise do you enjoy most?

So link up and let us know how you did this week on the challenge!

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