Friday, January 23, 2009

Kids & Media Usage

One of my daily reads is Church Relevance. They have a great post today about the media usage trends among kids. Here are two nuggets I found interesting:

Diaper Gamers
Four out of every five 2 to 5-year-olds play video games. Think about that. Some still struggle with pooping their pants or wetting the bed, yet they are learning how to master gaming. While playing video games at such a young age does not completely rewire a kid’s ability to enjoy childlike things, I do believe early gaming makes kids pickier and raises their level of expectations for entertainment.

Instant Gratification
Unless you are 8 years old, it is difficult to imagine growing up in a world where you can often instantly watch your favorite show, listen to your favorite song, call your best friend, look up an answer, or play a game. While these conveniences are wonderful, they also eliminate many opportunities to learn patience and self-discipline.

You can read all the statistics and how this information should be important to your church's children's ministry over at Church Relevance.

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