Friday, December 12, 2008

Key To Safe Driving For Teens

New technology is shooting out all over the place these days. I heard on the radio today and then investigated a story about a new key that will disable your teens cell phone while they are driving. You can read a news story here. There were more on the web but I don't want to inundate you with articles. Just go ahead and goggle it.  It is really something I might be interested within these next few years.

I read many comments about how we just need to teach our kids good driving skills but lets be honest how many of us did dumb stuff when we got our license and had peers in the car with us. You just don't think straight sometimes as a teen. My understanding from the articles is that the highest cause of death for teens across the US is car accidents. Now some are from DUI's but many are from cell phone use. It's hard for me to think someone in their right mind would try to texting while driving but apparently it has happened. This key will disable calls and texting while the car is in drive. Then when it is idling their phone will work.

I don't know. Raising three boys and thinking back about all the dumb stuff my husband and I did when we first learned to drive makes me think this might just be a smart move. So what do you think? Is this technology going to help improve driving or does it take away personal responsibility for teens?

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Six in the Mix said...

Bring on the technology! What a great idea.