Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank You, Hersheypark!

Our family had a wonderful experience over at the Sweetest Place on Earth on Thanksgiving Eve. The weather wasn't too cold (we just walked fast and drank hot chocolate). However, it was the show in the Music Box Theater there that I'd like to highlight.

We went into the show and the younger girls wanted to sit in the front row. I figured "why not?" so we headed up to Row One, Center Stage. Eventually my husband and my oldest daughter and her friend joined us. The show started and I kept thinking "AWK-ward" because when you're in the front row it feels like you're IN the actual show. The performers are making eye contact with you and singing to you and it felt so weird! But, the show itself was fantastic...I don't want to give away the story, but it focuses on our military and being "Home for the Holidays". The one part that brought tears to my eyes and had me sitting there in utter amazement was when the mom in the story says "all those stories are nice, but we want to read about the greatest story ever told" and she pulled out a Bible. They then performed a moving number of Mary, Did You Know? and ended the song explaining to her daughter that Jesus was the greatest gift we have ever received. My husband and I looked at each other with mouths hanging open. Then, they honored military people in the audience by asking them to stand and thanked them for serving our husband (who served as a Marine) could barely stay composed and we were both crying (in the front row, remember?). Afterward, one of the ladies from the show (pictured below with 2 of my kids) came up and shook my husband's hand and personally thanked him for serving our country. She then spent time with the girls asking them if they like to sing and dance. Perhaps, she thought that was why we were the diehards in the front row?

"Moved" does not begin to describe how we felt. I was beyond impressed.

So, I encourage you to go get your tickets (which are extremely affordable...Giant has them for $7.95) and support Hersheypark and this bold move they made to declare Who the greatest gift of Christmas is!

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Classic MaMa said...

We are going on Friday night. :) Now, I'm really excited.