Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rest in Peace

I mean it. Rest in peace. All you mommies out there, I think it is a-okay to catch 15-30 minutes in a quiet room, preferably laying down with your eyes closed.

I love people and chaos. And, I especially love my family. We are loud, wild and crazy people. And, I enjoy my life like that. However, at some point in the late afternoon I need to find a quiet place. Just for a few minutes. Sometimes I can do this for 10 minutes, but never more then 30. And, if you see me with dark circles under my glassy eyes and slurring my speech then you can bet it has been a few days since my last "quiet time".

It sort of reminds me of having to plug in your cell phone. A little recharging so the equipment functions correctly.

Sometimes I talk to Jesus. Many times I doze off. And, every time I just lay and listen to the quiet. This time requires some planning. For instance, it is not a good time for the kids to be doing their homework. Many times I will allow them a TV show that they all like and yes, I will just let them vegetate for a little bit. Occasionally, one of them will join me on my pilgrimage, but the rules are not talk and do not flop around on the bed. Bad things will happen if they do.

I used to feel guilty and think about all the things I SHOULD be doing (similar to that guilt we feel when we spend too much time reading and writing blogs!). But, I am much more productive, kind and patient if given these few minutes of rest and quiet. I highly recommend it! Guilt-free.

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Trish said...

Sounds lovely and like something I need to put into my schedule. I am thinking a lot lately about how my time should be spent versus how it is being spent and figuring out where to make changes. Some quiet time would surely help clarify that a bit.