Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Enjoying the Journey: It's Time!

It's been awhile since I've been at Christ Community. The drive, 8 hours or more, is what prevents me the most. Well that and the gas money!

A few years ago, Cindy Jacobs came and spoke at one of the conferences that CCC was holding. She had a PowerPoint picture to show with her message. It showed a picture of a box, with the lid off of it. If I remember it correctly, the word church was coming out of it.

The point - it was time to start thinking outside of the box!

This weekend, I had a sweet and fun opportunity to minister at a small, country church in a rather rural area. When I entered the church, I could feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit. I perused over the congregation as they were worshipping. A small crowd, maybe 60 or so. Some were free, others were heavy laden with despair from life. I almost could see a haze over the heads of those that were struggling.

The Lord had been speaking creativity to me for over a week by then. Showing me how He's been stretching us, making things hard for us, not allowing some normal comforts that doesn't even cost a dime, just so He could force us to step outside of the box.

Back to the church, God began weaving a theme that morning. The pastor gave a quick thought on the economy, one of the girls on our team gave testimony on God's provision, the friend of mine who was giving the main portion of the message was even speaking on how God provides in ways that we don't always understand or know. And I, well I was asked to speak and the Lord showed me that I was to exhort this sweet congregation with the following:

"It's time! Time to start looking outside of the box! Time to see the creativity that God has put in us. Time to stop looking at man made things for our enjoyment and pleasure. But to look past our bank accounts, what we do or don't have or even need and begin to seek what pleases the Lord. America is struggling in this day. Is our God worried about the stock exchange? Maybe a little.

But guess what??? We have what so many others don't have! We have our God! Who loves us. Who gives us hope. Who give us our future. Who gives us eternity and so much more.

There are creative ways to love people these days. Far beyond the act of handing someone a check or cash or tangible things. It's time to start thinking outside of the box!"

It's time church! It's time!

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